Eurotherm Controls Inc.

March 7, 2005
Steam Flow Computer Series Helps Manage Energy Usage
The 5000 Steam Flow Computer series, recently introduced by Eurotherm, are a range of data recorders that offer a comprehensive math package for steam flow computing. The 5000 Steam Flow Computer can be an effective tool for managing and measuring the energy used by a boiler or boiler house.The 5180V and the 5100V offer steam flow computing within the industry standard 180mm and 100mm panel mounting footprint. The 5000s offer all saturated steam calculations for energy management including mass flow, heat flow and heat consumed. A single 5000 Steam Flow Computer can be sized for the energy management of a single boiler, or expanded to accommodate an entire boiler house.The 5000B Steam Flow Computer is an economical solution that can be used when a local display is not needed. The 5000B mounts on a DIN rail, and offers access to data over an internal LAN, or even over the internet, all via a simple Ethernet connection. All 5000 Steam Flow Computers can be networked.