Axium Process Ltd.

March 9, 2005
Stainless Equipment Manufacturer Guards Against Prions
Axium Process Ltd. has decided to use exclusively polishing materials which are certified to be free of all animal-derived products as a result of recent concerns and uncertainties that have been expressed in the pharmaceutical industry about the origin of polishing compound components.Axium Process specializes in stainless steel fabrication for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries which have historically set the standard for hygienic design, manufacturing quality and surface finish. The company has invested heavily in the latest technologies, training, systems and procedures to meet the stringent standards required by biotech, pharmaceutical, and progressively food and beverage companies.Aside from materials certification as standard, Axium Process has extended its traceability and testing to include boroscope direct view and video facilities, mechanical and electrochemical marking options, dye penetrant testing, x-ray and pressure testing, Ferroxyl testing, and full Ra certification with printouts. In-house orbital welding is used where physically possible and appropriate for weld reproducibility and integrity. The company's team of polishers are trained to provide the level of finish required by the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. In general this ranges from 0.8 microns to below 0.1 micron m Ra (bright mirror polish), with or without electropolishing, for items such as final product handling equipment where surface finish is key. The company's in-house capabilities range from the rapid production of high quality adaptors, jacketed assemblies and manifolds, to the supply of fully integrated, customized manual or automatic hygienic process plant.