New Age Industries, Inc.

May 16, 2005
Lightweight Suction Hose Replaces Heavy, Ply-Wrapped Alternatives
Newflex, a lightweight PVC suction hose with spiral reinforcement for flexibility, durability, and performance is now available from New Age Industries. The advanced design of Newflex allows the use of corrosion-resistant PVC in applications previously handled by bulkier and heavier ply-wrapped rubber hose. Newflex benefits a wide variety of industries, including pharmaceuticals. Newflex offers 100% PVC construction, even in its reinforcement components. The rigid PVC material used for the spiral reinforcement helps the hose resist impact, crushing, and kinking while it aids in flexibility. Because it is not a wrapped or layered hose, Newflex is lighter in weight than many rubber hoses used for similar purposes. It’s easier to maneuver and does not add extra weight to OEM applications.Three styles – heavy, standard, and light duty – are available to meet different performance requirements. All three are well suited for either vacuum or pressure applications. Heavy duty is offered in food or industrial grade and provides higher working pressures than standard or light duty. The heavy duty style has a vacuum rating of 28 in./Hg. Standard duty, available in food grade, provides the same vacuum rating and contains only FDA and 3A approved ingredients. As its name implies, light duty Newflex handles moderate vacuum applications and light-duty pressure discharge. It is offered in industrial grade.Newflex’s smooth interior permits maximum flow and is easily sterilized and cleaned. Sizes available range from 3/8” through 4” I.D., depending on style. An assortment of fittings, couplings, and clamps are also available.