Bio-Chem Valve Inc. and Omnifit Ltd.

June 3, 2005
Solenoid Valve Simulates Constant Flow in Gradient Mixing/Diverting Applications
The compact, space-saving gradient valve from Bio-Chem Valve Inc. simulates a constant flow by utilizing very rapid cycling miniature solenoid valves to dispense gradients from multiple fluid streams in precise, repeatable proportions suitable for precision high purity diverting and mixing applications.An innovative armature drives the valve faster, with less energy, to assure controlled flow with repeatable opening and closing times.The gradient valves are designed for flexibility, with a rapid response time of only 2 milliseconds (when used with the CoolCube control module) to provide modulating flow rates at constant pressures to simulate a constant flow.In keeping with Bio-Chem Valve’s commitment to total customization flexibility, a choice of compact, light-weight, space-saving manifold layouts reconfigures the valves and ports — radial or linear — to meet the unique physical space, size, and weight restrictions of the project. Every solenoid actuator on the flow selector valve is set to assure equal flow rates at the same pressure. The valves are offered in PTFE, PEEK and PPS and designed to feature minimal dead volume. Diaphragm materials are offered in PTFE, EPDM, Viton and Perfluoroelastomer. Flexibility in valve configuration permits the equipment designer to utilize the gradient valve in a wide variety of applications.For ease of installation, all ports are positioned on the same side of the manifold, with the common outlet port centered between the inlet ports. When used for diverting applications, the inlet and outlet ports are reversed.