Millipore Corp.

July 23, 2005
Sterile to Sterile Connector Links Disposable Fluid Paths

On June 20, Millipore announced the availability of its Lynx S2S connector, a single-use device for linking pre-sterilized fluid paths in biopharmaceutical processes. Easy to assemble, the robust device facilitates secure connections in upstream and downstream processes as well as final fill and finish processes. Its flexibility supports a broad range of applications, particularly sterile liquid transfer and microbiological sampling.

The unique design of the Lynx S2S connector allows the assembly of fluid paths in both classified and non-classified environments. A sterile fluid path is enabled by connecting the device’s male and female couplings. Gamma compatible up to 45 kGy and easy to validate, the Lynx S2S connector is available individual sets or in quantities of 12 or 24 non-sterile packs.

The Lynx S2S connector is part of Millipore’s Mobius line of flexible bioprocessing solutions.