Colder Products Co.

May 2, 2005
RFID-Enabled Couplings Save Time, Prevent Misconnections
At Interphex, Colder Products Co. displayed its RFID-enabled IdentiQuik DUDC (Disposable Universal Dispensing Couplings) and UDC (Universal Dispensing Couplings) connectors. These series of connectors employ RFID technology to store data on contactless RFID tags for package inserts in bag-in-box dispensing and fluid transfer applications. The data is transmitted through the RFID interrogator that is built into a standard coupling body. This data transfer enables systems to automatically identify fluid products and their characteristics, and capture data from point-of-origin through point-of-use. BenefitsThe IdentiQuik series of smart couplings helps make processes safer, cleaner, smarter and more efficient:
  • Prevents misconnections

  • Saves time by electronically verifying correct usage of fluidic media

  • Prolongs equipment life by avoiding the use of harmful media

  • Minimizes health and safety issues by locking out dangerous combinations

  • Enables automatic calibration or configuration of equipment based on the connected media

  • Protects brands by halting or logging the use of unauthorized fluids
FeaturesSpecifications for IdentiQuik couplings include the following:
  • Interrogator read range of approx. 1" (2,54 cm)

  • 8-25v standard, 5v, 1.8-4.6v available voltage

  • 350mW max. power consumption

  • 13.56 MHz, 64-byte, 48-byte user programmable Phillips RFID Tags

  • 13.56 MHz, 28-byte, 16-byte user programmable Innovision RFID Tags

  • 20" (50,8 cm) Hg vacuum to 15psi, 1bar, 103kPa pressure

  • 32°F to 160°F (0°C to 71°C) temperature range

  • Polypropylene as main component

  • Polypropylene thumb latch

  • 316 stainless steel valve spring

  • EPDM O-rings (others available)

  • 9-pin D-sub connector cable, 2' (60,96 cm) length