Bio-Chem Valve Inc. and Omnifit Ltd.

Aug. 8, 2005
Miniature Isolation Valves Handle Aggressive, Particulate-Laden Fluids
Inert, perfluoroelastomer miniature isolation valves enable OEM product designers to accommodate difficult-to-handle, high purity, aggressive, and particulate-laden fluids that present a threat to the integrity of standard valve seals. These valves are newly available from Bio-Chem Valve Inc.Bio-Chem Valves enable customized application-based configurations with performance proven within standard applications. For greatest savings, isolation valves can be configured within Bio-Chem’s patented manifold system, to reduce design costs and production assembly time.The particulate-tolerant, isolated solenoid valves tolerate are manufactured from inert perfluoroelastomer and PEEK wetted parts that create a part-friendly flow path. That flow path minimizes seal damage from contact with aggressive fluids and crystalline substances. A choice of other engineered resins, including PTFE, PPS, and Tefzel, is available for the back parts.The isolation valves, available in 2-way or 3-way configuration, offer continuous duty with low power consumption, within fluctuating power demands. Flow path, flow rates and pressure can be customized to meet specific application requirements.