Sentry Equipment Corp.

Aug. 25, 2005
Acquisition Gives Sentry Sampling Superiority

Sentry Equipment Corp., Oconomowoc, Wis., a leading supplier of sampling components and systems, has purchased the Gustafson Automatic Sampler product line from Bayer CropScience. The Gustafson line provides sampling solutions for a variety of bulk solids including granules, flakes, powders, pellets and slurries, and serves a range of industries including cement, chemical, plastic, coal, feed/grain, food, dairy and fertilizer. This addition to Sentry's existing line of manual and automatic samplers for gases, liquids, slurries and bulk solids creates the most comprehensive line of products for process sampling applications in the world.

"We now have a unique position in the market, with capabilities to provide sampling solutions for virtually any process application," said Bill Werra, Sentry's Process Sampling Business Unit Manager.  "Our focus is set solely on sampling, and . . . there is no other company in the industry that . . . has our vast array of application and product expertise."

Sentry's product line includes closed-loop needle and cylinder samplers, ISOLOK samplers, and sample coolers. For sanitary applications, Sentry has a range of 3-A certified products to meet the dairy industry's stringent sanitary standards.  "All of these products equip our customers with the necessary tools that enable them to better analyze their processes, and as a result, improve their overall product quality and process control. We have developed a myriad of solutions that range from simple in nature to very complex.  Whether the application calls for sampling milk, oil, high-pressure steam, cement, or radioactive waste, Sentry Equipment Corp. has a solution," said Werra.

The integration of the Gustafson sampler product line is well under way, with full engineering and manufacturing operations dedicated to a smooth transition in Sentry has the core capabilities to design, manufacture and service the existing Gustafson products, and the expertise to develop product and system enhancements and extensions in the future.

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