Krohne, Inc.

April 25, 2006
New Flowmeter Fits Batching & Dosing Applications

Krohne, Inc. introduces the BatchControl electromagnetic flowmeter for volumetric filling applications. The meter is ideal for the batching and dosing of electrically conductive liquids and pastes in the pharmaceutical industry as it features an integrated control module and CAN open based network communication.

The 3A certified BatchControl and its pulse output equivalent, BatchFlux, has one of the smallest footprints in the industry, a compact design for tight space requirements. These meters include a ceramic liner to meet the demands of CIP (Clean in Place) and SIP (Steam in Place) processes. Enhancing accuracy, the ceramic liner ensures dimensional stability across the entire operational temperature range. The electronics are completely potted to ensure integrity during wash down.

The BatchControl offers the unique enhancement of serial bus communication. BatchControl communicates via CANbus, a high-speed bus protocol for high-speed communication requirements, thereby greatly simplifying machine design with valve controls done from the BatchControl itself.