Jan. 31, 2007
Silicone Stoppers Suit Sampling, Storage Applications

AdvantaPure has introduced injection-molded silicone bottle stoppers for containers such as carboys, flexible storage systems, laboratory apparatus and bottles, and sampling and storage vessels. Manufactured in a clean room environment, they are biologically safe and ideal for pharmaceutical, biotech, biomedical, and laboratory environments.

Stoppers from AdvantaPure are produced using a silicone elastomer that meets Class VI and FDA standards and does not contain any animal ingredients. The stoppers provide longer life expectancy and more consistent performance than parts made from rubber or similar materials. A smooth finish and gap-free surfaces ensure a true seal and a secured environment.

AdvantaPure stoppers resist cracking, particle migration, chemical attack, and a wide range of temperatures — from –100°F (–73.3°C) to 400°F (204.4°C). The stoppers work well with containers of glass, metal, or plastic and are sterilizable by autoclave or gamma radiation. Most sizes within the range of numbers 2 through 12 are stocked, and custom options include cored holes for tubing inserts or vents. Stoppers can be provided ready to use with tubes inserted and secured into place.