Sotax Corp.

March 26, 2007
Automated Tablet Hardness, Thickness, and Weight Testers Offer Alignment Device

Sotax Corp. launches its new complete line of automated tablet hardness, thickness, and measurement testing instruments.

Three new instruments have been developed to meet customers’ requirements:

The SOTAX HT 1 is a tester for the tablet press room. It measures tablet hardness and length or diameter. The test jaws can be used to measure tablet thickness thus eliminating the need for an external caliper. The HT 1 interfaces with an external balance to also record tablet weight for a single printout.

The SOTAX HT 10 is a tester for all In-Process Check Rooms. It offers the same measuring capabilities as the HT 1 but automates the entire process for up to 20 tablets for thickness, diameter, and hardness. Interfaced with an external balance, weights can also be recorded for a single printout.

The SOTAX HT 100 is ideal for the QC and R&D lab as well as high throughput production settings. The HT 100 incorporates a built-in weight cell to measure tablet weights in addition to tablet thickness, diameter and hardness all done automatically. The HT 100 offers a unique system that automatically separates different tablet shapes and sizes without operator intervention. This unit also offers a tubular carousel which holds hundreds of tablets to be tested automatically.

The entire line of Sotax hardness testers uses the Patented Auto Alignment device to ensure proper alignment of all tablet shapes, especially critical for small oblong tablets. All Sotax hardness testers can be customized to utilize “Constant Speed” or “Constant Force” to match a customer’s current measurement principle. Additionally, the new release of the 21 CFR Part 11 compliant Q-Doc Quality Documentation Software can control and record all measurements electronically for a paperless production environment.