Chemineer, Inc.

April 23, 2007
High-Viscosity Impellers Rise to Challenges

Chemineer, Inc. offers several high-viscosity impellers designed to handle rugged applications. Chemineer says its impeller designs are the result of over five decades of research and applied application experience, resulting in a broad range of durable and efficient impeller options. Chemineer impellers for high-viscosity applications include:

Double Helical Ribbon Impeller

  • Ideal for high-viscosity laminar flows
  • Highly effective in heat transfer
  • Efficiently incorporates surface liquids and solids
  • For viscosities over 30,000 Mpa

Anchor Impeller

  • Most economical laminar flow impeller available
  • Horizontal flow well suited for low-liquid-level geometries
  • Solve heat transfer fouling problems with optional wall scrapers

Screw (Auger) Impeller

  • Ideal for shear-sensitive, uniform blending applications
  • Excellent top-to-bottom turnover flow characteristics
  • Use in mildly pseudoplastic applications with power law indexes as low as 0.5