R-V Industries Inc.

May 30, 2007
High Vacuum System Reduces Water Utility Consumption

Beta Star Life Science Equipment of R-V Industries Inc., has re-engineered its VacUcon High Vacuum System, a component to their autoclaves, into the EnviroVac, increasing its capability to reduce water utility consumption.

The EnviroVac, designed as a combination high vacuum and water condenser only requires a ½” water feed at minimum 20psig for all autoclaves. It combines water and electric utility savings by eliminating the need for a liquid ring vacuum pump with a separate steam/water condenser.

The EnviroVac high vacuum system is capable of attaining 28.5”hg on bulk sterilizers and 29.5”hg on small to medium sterilizers. The EnviroVac performance is not affected by normal fluctuations in water temperature and supply pressure, providing a more reliable energy efficient system.

The EnviroVac provides efficient air removal during the pre-conditioning phase allowing more thorough heat transfer for loads, and more efficient drying capability due to lower vacuum depths.