Trico Corp.

June 27, 2007
Filtration System for Higher Viscosity Fluids

Trico is introducing the Gear and Lube Oil Filtration System. Designed specifically for filtering higher viscosity fluids, this system features a substantial 4 GPM flow capacity and a maximum viscosity capability of 10,000 SUS at 100F.

Trico's new system utilizes a multi-stage filtration process to provide the cleanest oil possible for extended equipment life. It also features differential pressure gauges that indicate when each of the filtration elements need to be change, as well as two sampling ports for safe sampling and monitoring of the oil's condition.

The design and capability of this Filtration System offers improvements in gearbox oil performance and equipment lifespan vs. hydraulic systems. With a high flow rate, maintenance personnel may spend less time filtering and servicing fluids.

The system is available in two models – a hand-held system and a portable cart system. The hand-held system is perfect for routine filtering and sampling of remote area pieces of equipment. The portable cart system can service multiple pieces of equipment throughout the plant. It includes a bypass valve for removing used oil, and a convenient drip pan for keeping the work area clean during use.