TechniKrom, Inc.

Oct. 19, 2007
In-line Buffer Dilution System Incorporates PAT

TechniKrom, Inc. is announcing the next generation IBD In-line Buffer Dilution skid systems. The two new systems utilize TechniKrom’s patented Adaptive PAT technology to enable precise and accurate in-line dilution of buffered salt solution concentrates at 300 L/hr and 1200 L/hr throughput, respectively.

Buffer dilutions of up to 10-15X can be achieved with concurrent pH adjustment, offering better accuracy and precision than mass flow controlled blending.

TechniKrom’s Adaptive PAT controls provide real time adjustment of buffers based on molarity and pH, and corrects any variations in feedstock concentrate simultaneously.

The units can be used in any application with a high volume demand of dilute buffers, including purification, filtration, cell culture, and formulation.

Engineered IBD systems with capacities over 6,000 L/hr are available.