June 17, 2008
New Sight Flow Indicators Virtually Unbreakable

Parker PAGE Sight Flow Indicators are designed to allow the flow monitoring of ultra pure liquids and harsh chemicals in vertical or horizontal lines.  These Sight Flow Indicators are used to visually inspect for contaminants, flow interruptions and leak detection and because they are not made from glass, there is almost no risk of breakage.

Manufactured from chemically inert fluoropolymer tubing, Parker PAGE Sight Flow Indicators withstand corrosive applications and high temperatures.  These low refractive index polymers offer high visibility as well as high strength to weight ratio, creating a virtually unbreakable site glass.

Parker PAGE Sight Flow Indicators are versatile and can be manufactured in FEP or PFA with a variety of flow ranges and fittings.   Sanitary, Flange, Instrumentation or fluoropolymer lined fittings are the most common but other fittings are available upon request.  Sizes range from ½” up to 4”.