NewAge Industries

Aug. 20, 2008
PFA Fluoropolymer Compression Fittings Available in a Dozen Styles

Immediately available from plastic tubing manufacturer NewAge Industries is a line of PFA fluoropolymer compression fittings in a dozen styles. Ideal for mating with fluoropolymer tubing, the fittings are used in clean-application industries such as semiconductor, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, medical and biomedical, laboratory, chromatography, and others.

The name of the fittings—Pureloc —is indicative of their intended use. Made from virgin-grade, chemically-inert PFA fluoropolymer, Pureloc fittings are well suited for pure fluid applications where contamination-free systems are required. They offer unrestricted flow and excellent lock and seal ability.

Purelocs consist of four, precision-made parts (nut, gripper, ferrule, and body) that provide leak-proof connections. The fittings offer see-through construction to assure the user of proper fitting installation. The nut design has a ridged surface that is easy to grip and tighten. Purelocs may be disassembled and reused, saving purchase and inventory costs.

Styles available from stock consist of elbows, straight connectors, tees, and adapters and now include reducing and bulkhead types. Sizes range from 1/8” to 3/4”. Pureloc fittings are designed for use with fluoropolymer tubing but may be used with other materials. A variety of PFA, PTFE, and FEP fluoropolymer tubing is available from stock from NewAge Industries. Straight, coiled, convoluted, and corrugated tubing options are offered.