ROTEX Global

Aug. 27, 2008
New PC-Controlled Device Fully Automates Sieve Analysis of Dry Granular Materials

ROTEX Global, LLC, has launched the GRADEX 2000, a patented PC-controlled device, which fully automates the sieve analysis of dry granular materials. By fully automating the entire sieve analysis process, the GRADEX 2000 frees up technicians to perform other work and provides analysis on a more frequent and timely basis, allowing for closer control of raw material receipts, materials in process and finished product.

Using standard ASTM approved 8” round test sieves—either full or half-size height—the GRADEX 2000 can analyze individually loaded samples and multiple samples staged for continuous testing. The standard round test sieves can easily be inserted and changed to suit specific test requirements.

Using preset test configurations, GRADEX 2000 shakes and taps the samples using the same stroke and frequency as typical manual shakers. The GRADEX 2000 automatically classifies and weighs each sieve fraction, calculates and stores weight values, and reports the data to a PC in a format compatible with most Windows-based QC/SPC software.

Performing analysis at the point of sample provides immediate results, even on the plant floor. Automation elevates test quality by eliminating manual steps where operator errors often occur, and the electronic data transfer eliminates transposition and calculation errors. In addition, because the GRADEX 2000 automatically brushes the sieves evenly and consistently, test repeatability is improved by avoiding sieve damage due to overbrushing.

The GRADEX 2000 can be used for the processing of dry granular materials such as chlorine, fertilizer, pharmaceuticals, and many other chemicals; for plastic pellets and resins; for stone, clay, and glass; for mineral and mining processing, such as sand, limestone, and soda ash; and for processing of food materials such as citric acid, sugar, tobacco, and salt.

The GRADEX 2000 has a balance capacity of 5000 grams and a balance resolution of 0.1 gram. Models are available with six sieves, or nine half-height sieves with manual or AutoFeed options. An optional fan-cooled computer control cabinet, which houses the PC keyboard, monitor, and printer, is also available.