NewAge Industries

Oct. 15, 2008
Product Catalogs Are Separated by Material and Product Style to Allow for Immediate Updates

NewAge Industries, Inc. announces the availability of nine new product catalogs featuring its line of plastic tubing, rubber hose, fittings, clamps and custom services, all of which are manufactured for a wide variety of industries and uses. The new books are separated by material and product style and include PVC, silicone, polyurethane, rubber, fluoropolymer (often referred to as Teflon), semi-rigid, barbed fittings, push-to-connect fittings and custom services. The company produces the catalogs in-house as needed.

The reasons for the switch from a catalog of nearly 120 pages to several smaller ones include:

  • The ability to update product specifications immediately, offering customers the latest information, not something printed months, or even years, before
  • Enabling e-mailable PDF files of reasonable size
  • The company’s green effort — fewer outdated catalogs mean less waste
  • The availability for customers to view only the specific products in which they are interested — it eliminates pages and pages of nonessential information and further contributes to the effort to reduce paper usage.