Cardinal Scale

Oct. 30, 2008
Digital Weigher Features an Interactive Touch-Screen Backlit LCD Display.

Cardinal's 825 Spectrum digital weigher features a full “spectrum” of colors and graphics on its 640 x 480 pixel interactive, touch-screen, backlit LCD. The 825 comes complete with numerous features, including onscreen ticket configurability, unlimited truck storage ID’s, digital fill control management, color-coded checkweighing operations and the simultaneous onscreen monitoring of up to 10 scales.

  • Two ColdFire processors and 64 MB of user memory
  • Color-coded QWERTY keyboard for easy data entry
  • Navigation keys combine with intuitive menus

Cardinal's 825 Spectrum is loaded with connectivity features:

  • Eight digital I/O (four input/four output)
  • 10 option slots available
  • Ethernet connection (TCP/IP or EIP)
  • USB connection (2 USB-A/1 USB-B)
  • DeviceNet/iCan
  • Three serial ports
  • Optional scale input cards
  • Optional eight programmable I/O’s with counter

Users can filter and sort truck storage reports directly onscreen with the 825 Spectrum’s 5.25-inch-wide by four-inch-high LCD display. Databases can be easily uploaded or downloaded from the indicator to the PC by portable USB drive, Ethernet, serial or USB connection using the Spectrum’s file manager. The Spectrum’s graphic display allows all of the information to be viewed onscreen without scrolling. The 825 Spectrum is ideal for multi-platform truck scales with three axle weights plus total or entire tank farms for viewing ten scales simultaneously.
The 825 Spectrum can handle up to 10 scale cards weighing 200 samples per second independently. This allows instantaneous gate cutoff for digital fill control applications, such as asphalt load-outs, rock quarries, grain silos and the chemical industry. The 825 Spectrum also provides instant operator recognition of weight status by color for easy Checkweighing applications. The progress marker and large color bar around the weight readout change to indicate user-definable zones.