Pilgrim Software

Jan. 8, 2009
Web-based Solution Offers a Number of Enhancements

Pilgrim Software, Inc. has announced the availability of SmartSolve 8.2, the latest version of its process automation product. Pilgrim’s SmartSolve, a fully integrated, Web-based solution, offers a number of enhancements to strengthen its functionality, usability, overall compliance and quality management capabilities.

One new enhancement in SmartSolve 8.2 is the addition of Forms Designer, the next evolution of Pilgrim’s configuration and tailoring solutions. The Forms Designer is a 100% web-based, drag-and-drop user interface design solution that provides SmartSolve users with the ability to create new forms or redesign Pilgrim’s existing ‘Best Practices’ pre-built forms based on their business process needs.

From simple user interactive controls, to creating advanced business rules or managing translations, Forms Designer puts the power of “flexibility” into the hands of each functional administrator.

In addition, SmartSolve 8.2 introduces SmartDesigner, a fully web-based Application Designer that allows SmartSolve administrators to design entirely new applications to help automate further operational processes and extend the value of their Pilgrim solution investment.

SmartEngineer, an integration adapter featured in SmartSolve 8.2, was previously released as part of an Engineering CAD Document Integration evolution with Pilgrim’s document management solution, SmartDoc. SmartSolve 8.2 also features the Integrated Content Management (ICM) Adapter to integrate customers’ existing Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) with SmartDoc, SmartTrain and other SmartSolve solutions.