Byers Precision Fabricators, Inc.

April 23, 2009
Laser Fabrication Services Provide New Engineering, Design and Production Opportunities

Byers Precision Fabricators offers full-service 5-Axis Laser Processing to help reduce costs for manufacturers in the automotive, aerospace, energy and pharmaceutical industries. Byers Precision utilizes a Prima Rapido 1532 5-Axis Laser Processing Center that is equipped with a 3500-watt CO2 laser capable of cutting steel, stainless, aluminum, ceramics, plastics and other materials. Two cutting heads cover a range of material thicknesses. The laser handles simple 2-D, as well as more complex 3-D, jobs. Catia Fastrim software is used for fixture design.

Byers Precision's capabilities include the cutting and trimming of hydro-formed, spun, deep drawn and stamped parts. This provides a more economical trimming solution than additional tooling or trim dies. 3-D part contouring services are offered as well. Available Rapid Prototyping services provide quick production of prototype parts based on provided model data. Modification services include addition of new features to existing parts. Scanning and modeling capabilities are also available.