Sept. 15, 2009
Parallel Reactor Systems Offer Complete Process Control

Syrris, a leading chemistry automation product innovator, has introduced the Atlas Parallel Systems for complete process control. These multi-position reactor stations for up to eight jacketed reactors or round bottomed flasks offer full, independent control and logging of all reaction parameters. Controlled from a single PC, temperature, stirrer speed, pH, dosing, heat flow and turbidity for example can all be monitored simultaneously, making it ideal for process optimisation.

A selection of Atlas Parallel Systems are available, including: the Parallel Atlas Lithium which automates heating/cooling in round bottomed flasks or vials with magnetic stirrers; the Parallel Atlas Sodium for overhead stirring and temperature control; and the Parallel Atlas Potassium for jacketed reactions from 50 ml to 5 L. Furthermore, the Atlas Potassium system forms the basis of a number of additional systems, including those for turbidity, pH monitoring and control, calorimetry, and FT-IR analysis. These flexible systems can also be separated for individual use, where they are controllable from the front panel or using a PC. The oil drain unit, vessel clamp and quick oil connectors allow the jacketed vessels to be changed quickly and easily without any tools.

The Atlas Parallel Software facilitates the quick and easy configuration of apparatus via the easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface, allowing different workflows to be created, changed and saved as required. It provides complete system control, configuration and analysis through its ability to open multiple instances of the Atlas Software. With the ability to define the system in use, setpoints, ramps or sophisticated profiles can be set-up for each individual reactor with corresponding alarms and emergency control. Experiments can be paused and modified in real-time for complete user control. In addition, the resulting data from all systems can be viewed and saved to one common .csv file.

Dr. Sunil S Nadkarni, Vice President of Product Development at the Torrent Research Centre in India commented, “We are delighted with our recently purchased Syrris Parallel Atlas jacketed reactor system and found that the Atlas Reactor platform is extremely flexible, powerful and user friendly. It has now become an integral part of our chemical research laboratories.” He continued, “As we further expand our research capabilities, we are planning to upgrade the Parallel Atlas Potassium Systems to provide additional functionality in reaction calorimetry and crystallization studies. We are also planning to purchase a number of additional systems so as we can roll-out this fantastic automated capability to a wider range of users.”