Ahura Scientific, Inc.: Handheld, Lightweight Raman System for Rapid Raw Material Verification

Oct. 22, 2009
Handheld, Lightweight Raman System for Rapid Raw Material Verification

TruScan is a rugged, handheld, lightweight Raman system for rapid raw material verification. Non-destructive point-and-shoot operation enables verification through sealed packaging to minimize risk of exposure and contamination. TruScan’s embedded analysis software delivers a PASS/FAIL decision verifying the identity of a sample typically within 30 seconds.

TruScan offers a solution for rapid, accurate raw material inspection. Key benefits include:

  • Handheld, rugged unit weighing less than 4 pounds (<1.8 kg) that can be used directly on the loading dock or wherever rapid material verification is required
  • Rechargeable battery which can operate continuously for up to five hours
  • On-the-spot identification test results delivered in seconds on raw materials including solids, powders, and liquids
  • Greatly reduces costs per analysis and overhead overall
  • Independent trials indicate that majority of pharmaceutical products can readily be tested with an extremely high degree of accuracy
  • Easily operated by non-technical staff; managed workflow minimizes potential errors
  • Non-contact analysis greatly eliminates potential staff exposure to hazardous chemicals and highly potent active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) during inspection
  • Readily interpretable results enable user independence and require no secondary interpretation
  • Non-contact analysis through plastic bags, glass containers, blister packs, and clear gel caps
  • Fast method development requires only a single pure reference sample and can typically be accomplished in less than an hour
  • Fleet management through proprietary software and data management systems
  • Remote administration capabilities over the web enables management of multiple units from a single location
  • TruScan is fully 21 CFR part 11 compliant
  • Currently used by nine of the top ten global pharmaceutical companies, as well as numerous regulatory agencies worldwide
  • Classified as an intrinsically safe device Class I, Division 1, Group A-D, T3C
  • CE and MET certified instrument
  • 24/7/365 live customer support
  • Extended service, support and warranty programs available