Vycom: Launches Corrtec Line of Chemical and Corrosion Resistant Materials for Tanks, Labs, Orthotics and More

July 8, 2010
Vycom: Launches Corrtec Line of Chemical and Corrosion Resistant Materials for Tanks, Labs, Orthotics and More

Vycom, a world leader in Olefin and PVC solutions has manufactured a number of products designed for use in the chemical and corrosion industry for the last quarter of a century. Vycom has consolidated this product offering under the newly launched Corrtec family of chemical, corrosion and moisture-resistant materials in several polymer options, including PVC (Type 1 and II), CPVC, HDPE, PP and CoPP formulations and provides the largest olefin sheet sizes on the market. These materials are designed to meet requirements in chemical handling, air processing, industrial tanks, pharmaceuticals, waste water management and many other applications.  The Corrtec family of products includes:
Hitec HDPE has excellent impact strength, stiffness, scratch and chemical resistance and low moisture absorption. Hitec HDPE is well suited for food processing, tanks, secondary containment, material handling, guides and wear plates. Hitec can also be used in the medical field, for orthotics and prosthetics. It is easy to fabricate and replaces wood or metal in many applications.  Hitec HDPE is available in oversized sheets and several color options and thicknesses, with low minimums on custom orders.
Protec PP and Protec CoPP are highly corrosion resistant materials with greater hardness and stiffness than HDPE.  Protec PP is a homopolymer polypropylene used for tanks, secondary containment, lab and clean room cabinetry and furniture, food processing components, and medical orthotics and prosthetics.  Protec CoPP has higher levels of impact and shock resistance and lower rigidity than Protec PP, making it perfect for tank fabrication, fire truck tanks, waste water management, orthotic and prosthetic devices and more.
Both Hitec and Protec products are compliant with FDA, USDA, NSF (natural only) and RoHS requirements.
Vintec I, Vintec II and Vintec Clear are highly corrosion resistant PVC sheet products with varying thermal properties and levels of impact resistance.  Vintec I, with normal impact is perfect for chemical processing equipment, acid baths, laboratory workstations and plating tanks.  Vintec II is very high impact and lends itself to air handling, fabricated piping components, electrical cabinets and consoles.  Vintec Clear has transparent PVC properties combined with impact and corrosion protection and is highly recommended where visibility of a process or operation is essential, such as sight windows, sight ports, machine guards and formed covers.
Corzan CPVC is an extruded sheet that is highly resistant to heat and corrosion.  It is ideal for self-supporting constructions where high temperatures are a concern.  Top uses include plating tanks, wastewater treatment, air handling (scrubbers, ducts and fume hoods), electrical cabinets, pipe flanges and spacers, stripping tanks. 
Vintec and Corzan products are UL 94 V-O, ASTM-E-84, RoHS and ASTM-D-1784-09 compliant.