AccuPRO-ID: Microbial Identification - Confidence at Low Cost

July 29, 2010
AccuPRO-ID: Microbial Identification - Confidence at Low Cost

AccuPRO-ID is the ideal choice for organizations that require routine bacterial identifications, but with greater accuracy and confidence than dated phenotypic methods offer.  The AccuPRO-IDTM method of identification utilizes MALDI-TOF (matrix assisted laser desorption/ ionization – time of flight) technology, based on mass spectrometry, thus providing higher accuracy at a lower cost to customers currently using biochemical methods.  Accugenix is the industry’s first service laboratory to offer a cGMP compliant identification service using this method.  The validated AccuPRO-ID library is derived from Accugenix’s experience with genetic testing methods and frequency of occurrence data from over 500,000 microorganisms identified during the past decade. 

A significant improvement of 30-40% in accuracy over existing phenotypic methods has been demonstrated.  Traditional card-based colorimetric technologies typically lack the library coverage and detection capabilities to keep pace with today’s constantly changing taxonomy requirements. In addition, errors in identifying microorganisms isolated from the manufacturing environment are not uncommon using phenotypic systems,  given that many of these organisms are aberrant strains and physiologically stressed to the point of not fully expressing their phenotypic characteristics.

The AccuPRO-ID testing process utilizes ribosomal proteins for identification, which are always present in very high numbers in bacteria.  Organisms ultimately reveal a unique protein fingerprint, or spectra, that is then compared to a validated, proprietary database for identification.  With this new service, Accugenix expands its microbial identification services to provide the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, cosmetics, nutraceutical, and other manufacturers with a high value/low cost solution for their routine environmental monitoring and screening needs.  Additionally, part of this new service includes automatic retesting of the sample through our genetic sequencing process, at no additional cost, for any sample that exhibits an undefined result, so we’re virtually eliminating the possibility of “No Match” results.The Company’s sequence-based genetic microbial identification services, considered the industry’s “gold standard”, remains the tool of choice for moderate and complex applications, such as high-risk manufacturing, sterility failures, and testing for sterile fill facilities. 

“This new service offering allows us to meet our customer’s needs for a routine screening tool at a cost considerably lower than their current in-house methods,” according to Doug Smith, Chief Executive Officer of Accugenix.