Nirvention: TriPAT Process Control Software for QbD Implementation

Nov. 10, 2010
Nirvention: TriPAT Process Control Software for QbD Implementation

Nirvention launches TriPAT, software that collects data from several instruments and translates them into process control variables. TriPAT helps various industries to produce conform process analytical technology. \

TriPAT is a multilayer software product that collects data from various, if required combined, instruments (e.g. NIR, XRF and Raman) and the primary industrial process. A chemometrical engine translates the collected data into straight control variables. What makes triPAT unique is that it is tuned to a given industrial process.

TriPAT prevents disruption of a production process, because of chemical variations and/or contamination in raw materials. TriPAT stops industrial processes from drifting away. It assures that end products are still on-spec. No loss of money due to unwanted and unsalable products or even worse a recall. Of course running samples in the company’s laboratory is an option. Industries however, that operate conform process analytical technology and want to implement quality by design, need to measure in the process. TriPAT samples and interprets data continuously.

A blue-ocean brainstorm led to the idea of developing a software tool for industries. Ed van Waardenberg, general manager Nirvention: "Many instruments that are ideal for process and quality control, are very difficult to link to industrial processes. That led us to the idea of developing software that could do just that. During the process we thought, why not add a chemometrical engine to give the software brains to interpret the collected data at the same time. We have put all in all two man year research in developing triPAT."

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