Watson-Marlow Presents The 520Di Biopharm Dispensing Pump

Feb. 1, 2011
Watson-Marlow Presents The 520Di Biopharm Dispensing Pump

Watson-Marlow offers its 520Di dispensing pump for accurate metering, dosing and transferring of sensitive fluids in biopharmaceutical environments.  Ideal for filtration, fermentation and dispensing applications, the 520Di is well suited for filling lines in pharmaceutical and biotech production. 

The 520Di combines the rugged ability to perform in process applications with dispensing and dosing programming to handle the most delicate laboratory environments and the accuracy demanded in filling lines.  The pump accepts eight different tubing materials and sizes up to 9.6mm for flow rates ranging from 4 microliters/min up to 3.5 liters/min and pressures up to 100 psi. 

Featuring spring loaded stainless-steel rollers and a larger swept volume pump head, the 520Di combines the gentle handling of fluids with a greatly increased capacity.  The gentle nature of the peristaltic pumping action is important for this type of application because of the fragility of protein string, enzyme-based vaccines and other biochemicals, which can be easily damaged.

The 520Di has full dispensing capability, enabling accurate batch dispensing and automatic or single-shot operation.  While the product is being pumped, a ramp and drip feature allows soft start and graduated dosing to reduce splashing or foaming.  Users are also able to carry out periodic dose recalibration ‘on-the-fly’ without disturbing the flow of the batch.  Up to 50 individual dispensing programs, including all dose parameters and calibration, can be stored in the memory with full, 8-character file names.

The 520Di’s new brushless DC motor has a speed range of 3500:1 and over a million to 1 flow range, offering total flexibility of speed control combined with precision and repeatability for the most demanding dispensing applications.  A number of different pumpheads can be fitted to suit the user’s needs.

Combining extraordinary levels of functionality with an on-screen menu, the 520Di features an easy-to-use tactile membrane keypad and an alphanumeric display in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.  The IP31 version has full RS232 control via serial communications and the IP66/NEMA 4X model has full RS485 control via serial communications.

The 520Di comes equipped with Watson-Marlow ‘s standard five-year warranty, available on all 520, 620 and 720 series peristaltic pumps used in biopharmaceutical applications.  The first of its kind, the new warranty covers everything except misuse of the pump and consumable items by the consumer, and offers free-of-charge repair or replacement.