Cleaning System Simplified and Validated

Feb. 1, 2011
Cleaning System Simplified and Validated

A pharmaceutical customer had been struggling with a wash station that could not be qualified for validation. Our team designed the answer. We not only solved the problem with ease, but added some innovative features in a new unit that greatly enhanced its cleaning capabilities.

Our design features:
• Wash two IBCs simultaneously
• Complete utility control system to store water, heat to specified set point and cool drain water—needed because very hot water will upset their in-house wastewater treatment process
• Pass through design—soiled IBCs enter one door and clean exit the other
• Piping system for high purity—WFI water is completely independent from potable water piping
• Innovative wash station self-clean mode—a unique feature of our wash stations
• Re-circulated hot air drying system that conserves energy and maintains room air balance—pulls in very little makeup air
• Drive in loading

The wash station was validated after installation,