Portable Sanitary Steam Sampling Cart

Feb. 14, 2011
Portable Sanitary Steam Sampling Cart

The Budzar Industries, Inc. Steam Sampling Cart provides fast, efficient and safe steam sampling. An air-cooled water chiller matched with a heat exchanger guarantees swift and consistent steam cooling. Incorporated into the design is a Cooling Water Storage tank and process pump to maintain steady cooling water temperatures under variable loads. With lockable casters, the unit is easily moved within a laboratory or pharmaceutical environment.

“The Portable Steam Sampling Cart is designed and constructed to provide an easy and convenient method for preparing sanitary steam samples. Our goal was to develop a piece of machinery that is both aesthetic and incredibly functional,” said David F. Young, President of Budzar Industries, Inc. “By incorporating a PLC controller which displays the variables (temperature, humidity, pressure, I/O alarms, level switches and pressure switches) the Budzar Industries Steam Sampling Cart is safer and more efficient in processing time and for the operator” added Young.

The Steam Sampling Cart with its sanitary design utilizes 110 AC Power.

Features of the Budzar Industries, Inc. Steam Sampling Cart Include:
o PLC Controlled
o Stainless Steel Cart
o Sanitary stream circuit
o High Performance Air Cooled Chiller to condense the steam
o Kink Free Sanitary Sample Hose
o Sanitary Drain Valve
o Level Gauge
o Lockable Casters
o Requires only standard 110 VAC power

Budzar Industries specializes in process fluid heat transfer systems. Since 1975, Budzar Industries has earned a reputation for quality and ingenuity in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of temperature control systems. Today, Budzar systems can be found throughout the world bringing accurate temperature measurement and control to the production of: pharmaceuticals, chemicals, petroleum, plastics, rubber, paper, power, steel, and food.