PANalytical: Raise Performance Bar With Launch of New Epsilon 3 Benchtop Spectrometers

Feb. 14, 2011
PANalytical: Raise Performance Bar With Launch of New Epsilon 3 Benchtop Spectrometers

PANalytical’s new range of Epsilon 3 benchtop energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) spectrometers challenges convention and outperforms expectations. Able to deliver accurate, precise and reliable results right across the periodic table, Epsilon 3 and Epsilon 3 XL versions match - and in some cases surpass - the analytical performance of larger, more powerful spectrometers.

Market leading light-element performance, full data traceability and a variety of software options for state-of-the-art standardless analysis, rapid identification fingerprinting or regulatory compliance, characterize the range. The new Epsilon 3 instruments offer cost-effective and capable alternatives for a wide variety of applications and industries.

Simon Milner, Product Marketing Manager X-ray Spectrometry, explains how Epsilon 3 designers have managed to take benchtop EDXRF spectrometry to the next performance level; “Selective excitation and careful matching of the X-ray tube output to the capabilities of the detection system underlie system performance. Advanced spectrum processing and unique correction and quantification algorithms ensure data accuracy and precision. The result is an affordable, highly flexible analytical tool suitable for applications in cement production, mining, mineral beneficiation, petroleum, polymers and related industries”.

Epsilon 3 features a new high-performance ceramic tube that has been developed specifically for this system. In addition, the range utilizes the latest in silicon drift detector technology. Thin windows on both X-ray tube and detector enable light element analysis down to fluorine. Sample preparation is straightforward and a variety of sample types can be measured, for example, solids, pressed and loose powders, liquids and filter samples weighing from a few grams to larger bulk samples.