PSL: New Cakestand Tray Dryer

June 30, 2011
PSL New Cakestand Tray Dryer: Innovative Design Engineered With Ergonmics, Efficiency and Safety in Mind
  • cGMP
  • Easy cleaning
  • Front and back access
  • Rounded edges and corners
  • Designed for sterile processing
  • Full vacuum
  • Excellent heat transfer
  • Ergonomic
  • Pressure control
  • High containment isolation technology
What is the CakeStand Tray Dryer?PSL’s new CakeStand Tray Dryer design overcomes the inherent difficulties with traditional tray dryers. The modular design of PSL CakeStand dryers allows capacities from kilograms to large-scale production. The CakeStand is available as a free-standing unit without containment or within a PSL high containment glovebox.PSL Tray Drying TechnologyPSL’s tray drying technology has been carefully developed with efficiency, ergonomics and safety in mind. PSL tray dryers can operate in down-flow booths, clean rooms or in conjunction with PSL containment isolators. A number of design features have been incorporated into our tray dryer design for ease of use and both operator and product protection.How it works?A unique heat transfer system ensures heat uniformity across all heating plates. The design of the CakeStand Tray Dryer features enhanced ergonomics through optimum tray size, pivot door design and front and back access. These valuable features ensure less opportunity for overreaching or accidental spillage.Total ease of cleaning is achieved by a completely open floor inside the drying cabinet with all heating plates hang directly from the roof. The new CakeStand design therefore totally avoids hidden pockets or non-accessible gaps which can make the cleaning procedure problematic. PSL Tray Dryer options:
  • Sterile option available
  • Containment to nanograms level
  • Laboratory to production scale sizes
The PSL CakeStand Tray DryerPSL’s experienced engineering teams work closely with skilled chemists to accelerate process development and create the most suitable and ergonomic solutions for customers and therefore regularly apply for new patents. As key suppliers to pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, chemical and laboratory industries since 1989, PSL has the experience and knowledge to innovate enhanced drying technology and to launch a highly innovative CakeStand Tray Dryer design. The unique features and refined specifications of the PSL CakeStand Tray Dryer help blue-chip companies bring new generation drugs into the market place faster. Visit PSL’s new website for more information on the CakeStand Tray Dryer and to download the new CakeStand Tray Dryer brochure. PSL provide a full range of filtration, drying and high containment isolator solutions. Visit PSL’s website for more information.