Stratophase: Ranger Bioprocess Monitoring System

Sept. 2, 2012
Stratophase: Ranger Bioprocess Monitoring System

Stratophase announces the launch of Ranger, its system for the biopharmaceutical industry that provides real-time, in-line bioprocess monitoring and fermentation control, to increase yields of fully functional biologics.

The Ranger system can be integrated into all bioprocessing systems, running microbial or mammalian cell cultures, and enables bioprocess managers to monitor and control metabolic rate, observe batch processing trends, and accurately determine end of process. Ranger provides bioprocess managers new measurements that, through the integral data analysis software, give simple instructions on the provision of nutrients. The output from Ranger can be used to automate the feeding regime of the culture.

Ranger, is comprised of Ranger Manager, an intelligent multi-probe management system, and Ranger Probe, a refractive index media sensor; together, these give real-time feedback on glucose metabolism. Harnessing refractive index measurements, the extent to which light waves bend when in varying density solutions, Ranger gives instantaneous insight into process kinetics by monitoring the composition and temperature of the bioprocess culture.

Ranger can be used to determine both the relative batch quality, compared to previous process trends, or to identify and react to key process characteristics. Applications include automated fed batch control of additions into a bioreactor, such as optimising nutrient feed rate to an organism’s requirements in real-time. Additionally Ranger generates real-time data and feedback on end of process.

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