Fette Compacting America: FE35 Tablet Press

Sept. 2, 2012
Fette Compacting America: FE35 Tablet Press

Fette Compacting America now offers the FE35 Tablet Press, whose attributes include unprecedented levels of productivity as well as the fastest changeover time in its class.  The new machine – the latest in Fette’s FE range of tablet presses – also offers unmatched flexibility and equipment availability, both of which are increasingly important as the pharmaceutical industry encounters rapid growth in new markets, shorter product lifetimes and rising cost pressures. 

The FE35 is a single rotary tablet press that can be fitted with up to 51 stations, enabling the production of up to 367,000 tablets per hour.  The machine is clad in easily-detachable, FDA-certified high-performance polymer panels and offers 360-degree access.  All parts that come into contact with products are stainless steel, and the machine’s geometrically optimized surfaces offer easiest-possible handling and fast cleaning.  Other highlights include:

  • An innovative filling system for easy, reliable feeding and a significant increase in product output – even with demanding product mixtures
  • A new rotor design for maximum yields, minimum product loss and easy changeover
  • New compression stations for fast format and product changeover 
  • A novel internal tablet discharge for guaranteed uninterrupted production
  • A new, flexible vacuum cleaning system for short cleaning cycles
  • Plug-and-play connection for peripheral equipment
  • The turret can be removed from the press in only 15 minutes.  The procedure requires the removal of only 10 components, none of which require the use of tools.