Gamajet E-Z8 Automated Tank Cleaning Machine

May 28, 2013
Gamajet E-Z8 Automated Tank Cleaning Machine
The Gamajet E-Z8 automated tank cleaning machine is designed to quickly and effectively clean difficult-to-clean residues in large process tanks.
The Gamajet EZ-8 tank cleaning machine is drastically reducing tank downtime in plants across the nation. Using a technology called rotary impingement, the tank cleaning machine provides a 360 degree reliable and effective clean using high impact water jets to scour tanks clean. Because of the amount of cleaning force of the water jets, even the most challenging tanks are cleaned quickly, with less water and cleaning chemicals. Specifically, research has shown the Gamajet E-Z8 has enabled thousands of manufacturing plants to:
  • Reduce water and chemical usage for tank cleaning by 85%
  • Reduce time spent tank cleaning by 80%
  • Eliminate the need for manual tank cleaning by 100%
Designed to run for 800 – 1000 hours before preventative maintenance is required, the Gamajet E-Z8 is a true workhorse, drastically reducing tank downtime and allowing companies to spend more time producing.