OPW Engineered Systems 3TL Series Quick Couplings

April 29, 2015

OPW Engineered Systems, part of OPW's Fluid segment within Dover Corporation, has officially released the 3TL Series Transfer Loading Safety Quick Coupling under its Hiltap™ brand. The 3TL Series is an all-purpose, high-performance quick coupling designed with unmatched metal-to-metal wedge seal technology, providing leak-free and hammer-free unions. No other quick coupling can match the effectiveness of the 3TL for transferring fluids under extreme temperatures and pressures – in-plant, through plant and out-of-plant.

"The 3TL's metal-to-metal wedge seal technology sets it apart from the competition. Customers no longer have to waste time hammering or replacing broken seals for a leak-free connection," said Dave Morrow, Director of Products for Engineered Systems.

Benefits of the Hiltap 3TL Series by OPW Engineered Systems:

• Metal-to-Metal Wedge Seal – Removes the need for a hammer union

• Hammer-Free Union – Reduces operator strain and inefficiencies

• Multi-Application Ready – Excels in the transfer of cryogenics, steam, oil, LPG, LNG, acids, paints, ammonia and more

• Small Profile – Fits in areas of limited space and is available with threaded, butt- or socket-welded ends