Optima Pharma OPTIMA H4 Filling and Closing Machine

June 24, 2015
Flexibility andstandardization combined

OPTIMA H4 filling and closing machine covers a number of diverse applications. It features simple operation, ease of accessibility, reliability and low space requirement. High-tech functions are used where these contribute to overall flexibility for the fundamental concept for the system. Extensive standardization in the development of OPTIMA H4 allow the pre-manufacture of modules, resulting in time and cost benefits. Nested vials, syringes and cartridges are all processed. 

Opening the tubs and removing the Tyvek paperscan be done, if required, by a robot. The robot is already installed in the area of the filling machine, thus saving space. Semi-automated systems could also be integrated. There is also freedom of choice in respect of containment: Regardless whether oRABS, cRABS orisolators, all systems can be fitted to the standardized machine base plate at low cost. For filling, a 10-position system is provided. For filling flexibility and simple format changes, rotary pistion pumps as well asperistalticor time-pressure filling systems can be added and at any time.

The transport system of OPTIMA H4 originates from high performance machinery. It has been simplified mechanically but nevertheless ensures even and particularly careful handling of the containers. A high output rate of up to 24,000 objects per hour is achieved. Retrofitting can also expand output up to 36,000 objects / hr. The same applies to upgrading of in-process controls (IPC) and for vacuum filling and vacuum stopper inserting. Both can be supplemented at a later date without requiring changes to the machine baseplate.