Korsch America XT 600 High Speed Double Rotary Press

June 24, 2015
Simple, Modular, and Cost-Efficient Design Offers a New Standard in High-Volume Production

KORSCH America, Inc., a subsidiary of KORSCH AG, launched the XT600 High Speed Double Rotary Press specifically geared toward the high volume production of single and bi-layer tablets. Featuring robust construction, the XT 600 combines proven design in an elegant and cost effective platform. The exchangeable turret offers the flexibility to produce a tablet of virtually any size and shape with the highest efficiency. Built to be a workhorse with maximum uptime, the XT 600 is well suited for any production environment which requires a high volume, flexible manufacturing.

The XT 600 offers a 60 kN or 100 kN compression column for precompression and main compression, and incorporates the proven compression dwell bar. In combination with the innovative and patented carrier plate design, this isolates vibration in the compression zone and minimizes the noise level, a key advantage of all KORSCH machines.

The XT 600 offers an extremely space-efficient design, with a small footprint with ample access for cleaning, changeover, and turret exchange. Accessible, multi-function channels on the corners of the machine, are non-load bearing and provide a solution for the placement of cables, lubrication lines, and dust extraction ports. The result is an ergonomic and clean compression zone, streamlining changeover and turret exchange.

The XT 600 is complemented by a completely new HMI environment. The Smart-Touch HMI with 19-inch display provides an intuitive operating experience, allowing operators to move, zoom, and scroll content easily. The control capability is supplemented by a comprehensive array of multi-media online help, which features pictures, videos, drawings, and access to machine manuals, to support the machine operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting.