Pharma Technology Tableting Technologies

June 24, 2015
U.S. Debut of PharmaSpray External Lubrication System and Core Coating for FlexiTab Tablet Press

Pharma Technology Inc. (PTI) introduced two new tableting technologies to the U.S. market at INTERPHEX. The company also will showcase two machines from its portfolio of premium tablet dedusters.

PharmaSpray is PTI's unique external tablet lubrication system that sprays dry lubricant continuously onto tablet press punch tips and die walls, delivering a consistent amount of dry lubricant onto the tablet over time. Excess lubricant is eliminated by vacuum suction on the side of the spray nozzle, then collected in a double bag discharge system. PharmaSpray works well with a wide range of tablet presses utilized by the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries.

Another product new to the U.S. market is an innovative core coating module for Roeltgen's FlexiTab Tablet Press. PTI developed this module collaboratively with Germany-based Roeltgen as the company's exclusive North American distributor and service provider for FlexiTab, a freely controllable single-punch press ideal for use in Galenics development and small batch production applications.

The core coating system is amodular enhancement that works by replacing one of the press' three feeders with a new module that accurately places core tablets, already pre-filled with a first layer of powder, into the center of the press die. Another layer of powder is then added, covering the core. The complete tablet is then compressed once or twice in a process similar to the pre- and main compression steps performed on rotary presses.Expanding the capabilities of the FlexiTab®, this can manufacture single-layer, bi-layer, tri-layer and externally lubricated tablets.

The third product to be showcased, also a recent enhancement, is the AIO - All In One Tablet Deduster, Metal Detector and Tester System. The AIO system builds upon Pharma Tchnology Inc.'s signature PharmaFlex family of dedusters by offering turnkey peripheral devices as integrated solutions. The system's sophisticated engineering affords great flexibility while meeting superior standards for output and quality.

The AIO's upgraded automated tester, which connects to the deduster/metal detector base without use of cables, tests sample tablets online for weight, thickness, diameter and hardness. Sample tablets are transferred from the press chute by vacuum (as opposed to Venturi) to help keep the measurement instrumentation dust-free. The AIO tester comes with tool-free dismantling of all product contact parts for easy cleaning, as well as dust-tight segregation of technical areas. The result is streamlined performance that directly monitors and controls the manufacturing process with significantly less operator supervision.

Finally, PTI will have on display its PTGV 1200 Capsule Polisher. The PTGV1200 combines on a single base an elevating hard-gelatin capsule polisher with a metal detector and empty capsule eliminator. A vertical rotary brush cleans residual powder or dust at the seam of capsules. Its compact footprint and mobility (only one cable is required to power all three elements) allow the PTGV 1200 to fit in tight production rooms. All product contact parts can be dismantled without the use of tools.