Fette Compacting America FEC40 Capsule Fille

July 28, 2016

Fette Compacting America, a supplier of tablet press equipment for pharmaceutical and nutritional applications, introduced the FEC40 Capsule Filler.

The FEC40 Capsule Filler has an output volume of up to 400,000 capsules per hour – nearly twice the production capacity of any other capsule filler on the market, according to the company. The FEC40 features a small footprint, making machine reconfiguration due to floor space issues unnecessary. The filler also uses Fette Compacting’s patented Duplex Concept, which enables the FEC40 to feature a dual capsule filling process, resulting in production savings (up to 30 percent per 1,000 capsules).

Capsules are second only to tablets in terms of dosage forms for pharmaceuticals and nutritional supplements. More than 400 billion hard gelatin capsules are produced worldwide every year. But despite this continued popularity, the output volume of machines used to date had maxed out at 250,000 capsules per hour.

In the FEC40, separate process steps have been merged for capsule filling, with the resulting free stations used for dual arrangement of the capsule filling process in the machine, thereby doubling output. As the filling process fully complies with established production standards, users can apply all tried-and-tested process parameters for capsule filling and optimize them further when necessary.