MG America Planeta 200 Capsule Filler

July 28, 2016

MG America, the U.S. subsidiary of MG2 of Bologna, Italy and a supplier of processing and packaging equipment, has introduced the Planeta 200 Capsule Filler. The filler produces up to 200,000 capsules per hour, but its primary advantage is its premium flexibility: its modular design results in a highly configurable platform suitable for a wide array of production requirements, including an ability to fit several dosing units simultaneously, enabling one capsule to be filled with differing products. Dosing units ascribe to a "no capsule, no dosage" concept, ensuring superior machine cleaning as well as reduction of both product waste and its exposure to the greater processing environment.

According to the company, the filler is also scalable. It can, for example, initially be configured for medium speeds, then upgraded later for maximum speeds, reaching different performances depending on the number and type of dosing units installed. Its weight control system also can be upgraded post-installation; this includes facets as simple as statistical control of capsule gross weight up to the MultiNETT system, which allows in-process net weight checks of each capsule and, in the case of same-capsule dosing combinations each dosed product.

Finally, the filler can be equipped with isolators satisfying different containment levels, as well as various washing systems ranging from Wet-In-Place to Wash/Clean-In-Place automatic systems (WiP/CiP).