BrightSpec FT-MRR Gas Analysis Configuration

July 28, 2016

BrightSpec has developed a rapid and chromatography-free quantitative sampling method for the ppm analysis of low volatility impurities in solid powders and complex liquids. According to the company, this application of FT-MRR (Fourier transform molecular rotational resonance) using millimeter waves in the 260-290 GHz range is the first purely spectroscopic approach to a problem that is usually constrained to the realm of Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry.

The BrightSpec product and services portfolio uses FT-MRR spectroscopy in the microwave range (2-8 GHz) to perform three essential chiral analysis measurements:

1. Quantitative analysis of diastereomers produced in the synthesis of molecules with multiple chiral centers.
2. Quantitative enantiomeric excess measurements for chiral molecules.
3. Determination of the three-dimensional structure of a chiral molecule.

Currently, each of these analyses requires different measurement technologies that are expensive, time consuming, and require highly trained technical staff. In order to meet the needs of target markets, BrightSpec is developing instruments that can perform this analysis on molecules for applications in pharmaceutical drug discovery.