Wika Diaphragm Monitoring System

July 28, 2016

With its patented dual diaphragm design, Wika's Diaphragm Monitoring System alerts operators immediately if the diaphragm in a seal assembly fails, helping prevent contamination of the process media and unscheduled downtime. 

In food, pharma, cosmetics and biotech industries, diaphragm seals are installed to help maintain the integrity of process media for product safety and quality. Over time, however, repeated exposure harsh chemicals and extreme conditions can weaken the diaphragm membrane and cause it to fail.

A diaphragm failure can go undetected and potentially expose the process media to non-hygienic conditions. This threat of contamination can led to batch evaluation as well as the quarantine of previous batches, resulting in lengthy, costly delays.  

To help avoid such issues, WIKA’s Diaphragm Monitoring System provides an instant alert should a diaphragm breach occur.

The monitoring system is designed with primary and secondary diaphragms, and the space in between is evacuated. This hard vacuum is monitored by a pressure transmitter, a pressure switch or a pressure gauge. If the primary diaphragm is breached, the vacuum will be compromised -- triggering a visual, audio, or electrical alert. It’s not necessary to stop operations and make repairs immediately, however. The secondary diaphragm will continue to function properly and provide reliable pressure readings until it’s feasible to perform maintenance.