Pall Life Sciences Cadence Acoustic Separator Interface

July 28, 2016

Pall Life Sciences Biopharmaceutical division of global filtration, separation, and purification supplier Pall Corporation, launched the Cadence Acoustic Separator (CAS), which applies acoustic wave separation technology in a novel single-use format for the clarification of cell culture bioprocess fluids.

According to the company, the CAS delivers robust, reliable cell and protein yields in a closed system without centrifugation, while drastically reducing user cost and risk. The CAS is available for immediate ordering and shipment, and has also been designed to be easily integrated with other Pall Life Sciences products to enable continuous bioprocessing.

The CAS works via acoustic forces that are applied across a countercurrent flow of bioprocess fluid, generating three-dimensional standing waves that trap cells at their nodes. This leads to aggregation and precipitation from suspension, thereby "trapping" the cells for simple extraction. The CAS is capable of clarifying many types of biologic products, including recombinant therapeutic proteins and monoclonal antibodies, regardless of the variability in particulate concentrations and cell culture density, turbidity and viability.