Comecer Baby Phill

July 28, 2016

Comecer offers a solution to small batch vial filling needs with the Baby Phill machine. Baby Phill is said to be ideal for producing batches for clinical trials or for R&D aseptic filing, where the development of cytotoxic, liquid or lyophilized drugs in a sterile, contained, grade A environment is needed.

The small aseptic filling machine is integrated inside an isolator or RABS as part of a complete production line. The filling line also offers one-button sterilization via a built-in Vapor-Phase Hydrogen Peroxide (VPHP) generator.

  • Compact and clean GMP design
  • Smart interface to other equipment (lyophilizer etc.)
  • Class A laminar flow isolator or RABS
  • Integrated VPHP generator
  • Ready for disposable technology
  • Integrated environmental monitoring
  • Production of liquid or lyophilized vials up to 1000 pieces/hour