Ross Tumble Blenders

Aug. 11, 2016

Ross Tumble Blenders come standard with motors equipped with electro-magnetic brake. The brake motor allows the tumbling V-cone or double cone vessel to safely decelerate to a complete stop at the proper upright position.

The 50-cu.ft. V-Cone Tumble Blenders are designed for mixing products with bulk densities up to 150 lbs/cu.ft. Inside the blender, free-flowing solids are gently and intimately blended as the cone rotates. To supplement the low-impact mixing action, a high-speed intensifier bar is supplied for breaking up lumps and agglomerates, if necessary.

All product contact parts are stainless steel 316 polished to 150-grit finish for easy discharge and cleaning. The tumbling vessel is driven by a 30 HP brake motor while the intensifier bar/chopper is driven by a 15 HP motor. A safety gate around the blender prevents operation of the tumbling vessel when the gate open. The finished product is discharged through a 10-inch dust-tight butterfly valve.

Available in many standard sizes from 0.25 to 100 cu.ft., Ross Tumble Blenders are offered with various options such as vacuum capability, heavy-duty design for high-density applications, heating/cooling jacket, explosion-proof motor and PLC controls.