Ross multi-agitator system

Sept. 13, 2017
Product is meant for crucial mixing and dispersion requirements

The Ross VersaMix is a multi-shaft mixer designed for viscous applications requiring a high level of accuracy and batch-to-batch consistency. In a VersaMix, two or three independently-driven agitators work in tandem to ensure high-speed fine dispersion, efficient turnover and uniform heating/cooling.

The Ross VersaMix Model VMC-200 has a maximum working capacity of 200 gallons as well as an air/oil lift raises and lowers the agitators into the vacuum-rated vessel. All product contact surfaces are stainless steel type 316L polished 180-grit finish. The ASME 60-psi jacket on the vessel is insulated with 2” thick mineral wool and sheathed with water-tight stainless steel cladding.

Equipped with a 10HP anchor agitator, 20HP disperser and 25HP rotor/stator, the VMC-200 delivers a combination of laminar bulk flow and shear intensity necessary for homogenization and deagglomeration in high viscosity conditions up to several hundred thousand centipoise. The vacuum cover includes multiple charging ports, viewing windows, tank light and a thermoprobe. Finished product is discharged out of a 3” pneumatically-actuated diaphragm valve installed on the tank’s conical bottom.

Available in many standard sizes from one through 4000 gallons capacity.