COVID-19 hampers new drug rollout

March 17, 2020

In an effort to support social distancing policies, several pharma companies have withdrawn their sales forces from the field. Now, some companies are gearing up for challenging rollouts of their new drugs.

Aimmune Therapeutics said this week that it’s expecting a slower launch of its peanut allergy medication, palforzia. The drug is the first-ever peanut allergy treatment approved by the FDA and is expected to become a potential blockbuster. But due to the spread of coronavirus, Aimmune said it may not be able to provide support to health care workers looking to administer the drug.

Amarin Corp. also announced this week that sales for its potential blockbuster Vascepa, a fish-oil derived heart medication, could take a hit by its decision to suspend face-to-face marketing with physician. After winning an expanded approval for Vascepa in December, Amarin had increased its sales force to 800 with plans for a major boost in sales. 

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