GSK, Sanofi negotiate UK COVID vaccine deal

July 6, 2020

GlaxoSmithKline and Sanofi, partners developing a potential coronavirus vaccine, are discussing a $620 million deal to supply the U.K. government with the anticipated vaccine, according to sources at The Sunday Times.

The drugmakers plan to supply Britain with 60 million doses of the vaccine, still under development, according to the rumored deal.

GSK and Sanofi teamed up in April on COVID-19 vaccine, with Sanofi will supplying its COVID-19 antigen, a genetic match to proteins in the virus, and GSK supplying its pandemic adjutant technology, which could enhance the immune response. 

Human trials for the Sanofi-GSK vaccine are not expected until September, but the U.K., like many countries, is securing stock early. Back in May, the U.K. government also struck a deal with AstraZeneca, whereby AstraZeneca will manufacture up to 30 million doses by September with a promise to deliver 100 million doses in total in the U.K.

The details of the Sanofi-GSK deal with the U.K. government deal are still being finalized are expected to be announced in coming days, according to Sunday Times sources.