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Today is a challenging time for job seekers in the life sciences field, but new opportunities are opening up every day, and often in unexpected places. We'll be building this section of our web site to serve as a real resource, and featuring career advice, interviews with hiring managers and recruiters, and inspiring stories of pharma professionals who have weathered change and found true job satisfaction, or whole new directions for their careers.

Negative Work Force?
Dealing With Low Morale After Others Are Laid Off
This New York Times article discusses how to react when recent job cuts have created low morale among you and your colleagues, and what steps to take as a manager to ensure productivity.

Pharm.D.s in High Demand
The Demand for Pharmaceutical Professionals is Rising
Career options for Pharm.D.s span the full length of a drug's life, and the demand for pharmacists is rising. Science magazine explores this demand and outlines the market for the pharmaceutical professional.

Team Leaders
Are you a Supportive Team Leader?
What do leaders do to make employees in creative functions feel supported or not? That was one of the research questions posed by Harvard Business School professor Teresa Amabile and colleagues in what has turned into a penetrating study of creativity in organizations. By analyzing nearly 12,000 daily diary entries from employees working on creative projects—everything from making a new high-strength fabric to developing a database for a global hotel chain—they were able to chart how and why team leaders have enormous impact, positive or negative, on creativity.

Get Certified
Become a Certified Pharmaceutical Industry Professional
Enhanced credibility; peer respect and recognition; greater opportunities for professional advancement; and a competitive edge when job seeking, are some of the benefits that pharmaceutical manufacturing professionals can gain with certification as a Certified Pharmaceutical Industry Professional (CPIP) made available through the ISPE Professional Certification Commission (ISPE-PCC). This new credentialing program offers the first competency-based international certification for pharmaceutical professionals and covers a range of competencies from drug product development through manufacturing.

Build Your Skills Set
Take an Online Course (and get a 10% tuition break)
Stevens Tech Web CampusMultidisciplinary teamwork and accreditation are the watch words for today's job seekers. Need to brush up on a technical pharmaceutical manufacturing subject, or to branch out and learn about something new? Or are you new to the pharma industry, and do you need to orient your engineering, management or technical training to meet its unique demands? Register for an online graduate course, or consider completing a degree online, at Stevens Institute of Technology. Their program uses the latest courseware to ensure a positive experience and interaction with professors and other students, while its online nature enhances flexibility for working adults juggling work and life demands. Registered visitors and subscribers to our magazine and newsletters will receive a 10% discount.

Engineers Needed for Avery Dennison
Avery Dennison corporate is looking for engineers for their Pennsylvania and Indiana offices. Positions needed include:

  • Process Controls Engineer, Engineering degree required with knowledge
    of controls and/or instrumentation-  Schererville, IN
  • Process Engineer- Quakertown, PA
  • Senior Project Engineer- Chemical Engineering degree required- Mill
    Hall, PA

To apply please contact Teresa R. Bustamante at

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